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Where We Help - The Biggest Marketing Challenges Facing Small and Medium Sized Businesses

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Marketing can be hard and unlike Scaled, most small and medium sized businesses are not marketing specialists. Your business has been successful to date because you are great at what you do but a lot of small businesses do not have the marketing expertise they need to excel on digital platforms.

When it comes to marketing your business, we know that most entrepreneurs or their teams do not have enough time. Long days and weeks focused on your customers often mean your business gets pushed to the side. That's where an outsourced marketing team can help you.

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I had been running my business for around 3 years. We had a steady flow of clients but I was finding it hard to balance the marketing and running of the business, along with finding and creating new ideas.

Scaled analysed the business thoroughly, scoped the other local businesses for research and formulated a marketing plan that broke down every aspect. It has made it much simpler to understand and plan my marketing and social media.

Since then my marketing has not been so daunting and has taught me to enjoy and feel more at ease with it.

Emily - Owner of M Aesthetics in Wilton/Salisbury

James has been very coherent and passionate throughout working with us. This isn't just a job for James its a passion and it shows in every element of his work.

He outlays marketing strategies clearly in lamens terms so all the directors understood. The marketing audit was very well presented and he suggested some very good ideas which got us results. He is constantly at hand, and offers feedback in all areas of the business where he feels its needed.

R & A Digital Consultancy cannot recommend James enough, and we look forward to what the future holds working along side him!

Richard Owner of R&A Digital Consultancy in Salisbury

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